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Coronavirus Statement from GracePointe

We DO plan to host all regularly scheduled Worship Gatherings at both campuses.

Within the last 48 hours, Michigan has confirmed two cases of the coronavirus, and many of the state’s universities have moved to virtual classrooms for the next month. This is a situation that seems to be changing by the moment.

Many of us are concerned about the hysteria that so many are feeling and promoting. However, we do want to be responsible and thoughtful as we take this challenging issue seriously. So as we endeavor to love our neighbors and protect those who may be susceptible to illness, we plan to take some extra precautions and would ask you to do the same.

Here are some of the steps we are taking:

  • We encourage you to greet one another with joy but as much as possible do so without handshakes or hugs for the time being.

  • We will not pass the Offering Baskets. Giving Stands will be positioned in the Sanctuary at each entrance where you can place your offering or we encourage you to try giving online at

  • We are increasing the cleaning frequencies of restrooms, classrooms, and surfaces around our campuses. We have also positioned extra hand sanitizer and facial tissue in key locations.

  • Communion practices will be adjusted during this time.

  • Remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, particularly after visiting the restroom.

  • Finally, If you are sick, please recover at home. We will miss seeing your friendly face but we will look forward to seeing you healthy the next weekend. And remember, GracePointe messages are available online at

If we need to cancel or postpone events or Gatherings in the future due to the spread of illness in our area, we are prepared to do so. For now, let’s gather to worship Jesus, grow together, and make a difference! - Pastor Wes

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