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Hope Springs Eternal, Even in Quarantine

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

(This week's blog is written by Pastor Jessica.)

It's the middle of April and I see snow coming down outside my window.  Yesterday, it was sunny. It seems the weather is keeping up with my quarantine moods, so, I'm trying to be wise. 

This week I am learning to:

  • Monitor my social media/news information intake. The goal is a balanced diet in content and time spent digesting said content.

  • Meditate on the words of Philippians 4:4-10. What does that mean in the middle of our current uncertainty?

  • Play more games together as a family and watch movies together.

  • Serve people in need to the best of my ability.

  • Clean the house! Honestly, I have no motivation to do this but the clutter isn't helping my current state of mind!

  • Give grace. For me, it's reminding myself that everything that I'm feeling (the good, the nasty and the "okayish") is universally felt by everyone else in my world.

  • Avoid running from the "weird and unexpected loneliness" we find ourselves experiencing.

My prayer is that you will be able to identify ways you can be wise in this time and trust that the Lord is, indeed, near.

Be encouraged! ~Pastor Jessica

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