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Stay encouraged, GracePointe!

(This week's blog is written by Pastor Jessica).

T.G.I.F., GracePointe family! It's been quite the week, but we're all moving forward, making adjustments and saying a lot of prayers. Please know that we are praying for you all and for our community. We invite you to pray for one another and our community as well. As Pastor Wes told us last week online, we have an unprecedented opportunity in this season of life.  We want to encourage you to be followers of Christ who are dependent on the Spirit to lead us in being wise and generous. While we are not meeting on the weekends, church is not cancelled.  Here are some ways we can still connect with one another.

Attend church! Join us online on Facebook on Sunday mornings. Continue to meet in small groups being mindful of social distancing practices (skip the hugs and handshakes). Be wise, too! If you feel under the weather, have a fever, a cough, or have been exposed, stay at home.

Be mindful. Check in on one another through text, phone, or email. Send silly jokes, random facts about lizards, ask each other how they are doing.

Go old school.  Send cards to one another. If you are willing to share your address, contact the church.

Remember the kids. If you have kids or grand kids, join our GracePointe Kids page on Facebook where Heather is providing videos, activity ideas, and encouragement.

Pray and serve. Pray for the medical staff/workers at hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices in this season.  Pray for wisdom, patience, courage and protection. Serve when you can! The St. Johns Campus is handing out food packets on Wednesdays. Leave a note on some of your neighbors' doors.  Let them know they can call or text you for prayer or if they need to borrow a cup of sugar.  Run an errand for someone.  If you are healthy and not in a high-risk population, be willing to run a quick errand for a parent with kids or a senior citizen .Go for a walk and wave to your neighbors from a distance.  It is encouraging to see people outside, even in limited ways.

Church and community look different right now but let us remember that the God of the universe, the maker of the ant eater and platypus, is a God with a creative streak a mile wild.  Let us remember that the God who came as man has a knack for showing up in unexpected places in unanticipated ways.  Let us be confident that the Spirit that makes men and women new creations, is still creative and creating.  Let's let him work in and through us in the space and time in which we live today.

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